How was your weekend!? We had a weekend full of organizing and in between that, lots of fun. We are currently living in a rental to answer a lot of your questions. People have been asking if the house in my insta stories is the home we built and its not. The build won’t be done for a while – we are almost done picking out all of the finishes with Becki Owens who is our interior designer! We are going to make another YouTube video with her to give you guys lots of sneak peeks and get your opinions! So stay tuned. Here are 12 things…

  1. We got the kids a playground from Costco. We thought we would set it up that night but then looked at the instructions and it said it is a 12 hour assembly for 2 people haha. NOT including the slides which was an additional 3-4 hours. So we craigslisted that shiz and had someone else set it up. It is finally done and the kids are stoked!
  2. I actually love AZ heat. I love the dry heat so much more than humid.
  3. My sister is the best at organizing and has been helping me go through everything and sort it all. And when I got here it was just me and the kids and my sisters picked us up and surprised us — they had moved everything in for us and unpacked SO much. I cried, it was so sweet.
  4. Dying to see Wonder Woman!!!
  5. We got an office and I was meaning to buy these office chairs online and now they are sold out!!! Ah. Ya snooze ya lose.
  6. Rosie and Atticus love to jump off my moms diving board its so funny to watch! I thought Ro would be scared but she just goes for it.
  7. I am going to make more of an effort to do more hair and fashion posts on here.
  8. This is a big week for Atticus! He has a little screening for a program I am hoping to get him into and also his BLUE 3rd birthday party!!! I kept asking what kind he wanted and he just wanted blue! So blue it is. I have really cute stuff for the kiddos and I think he is going to lovvve his party!!!! I cannot wait.
  9. A lot of people have messaged me to tell me mini vans are ugly and I shouldn’t get one haha but I really just don’t care what my car looks like – I just want to be comfortable. I know, such a mom thing to say. And let me tell ya – pushing a button to close doors and all the space definitely fits in my comfort zone. The car I really want to be driving is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in pastel pink.
  10. For our home build we want the Tesla solar panels sooo bad! But geez $$$$
  11. Felt so good to go through all of my beauty products! I sorted them all and my sisters and I are going to go through and try a bunch on insta stories this week! I don’t know what day but probably Wednesday. I lovvvve trying new make up and beauty products eek!
  12. We are doing a pop up in Utah June 30th! My friend Rach and I are teaming up to do one so you can come shop both her dresses and our hair extensions. I will give you guys more details soon!!!
  13. And a bonus. So my sister and I went to the store to get a trash can – I wanted one of those ones you push the lever with your foot and it pops open but they are literally over $100 which is so ridiculous. My sister was like, “have you ever had one of these that HASN’T broken?” And I was like um nope you’re right they literally always break!!! That is why we left our old one in NYC, the lever stopped working. And the trash bags don’t even fit properly. Anyways, we got a $10 trash can and I have never been so happy about a trash can.

Have a fabulous Monday. Two of my shows are on and I just saw that House of Cards is also out. Oh and ya know what? I freaking love Popeyes – we just drove by one earlier and it made me remember how much I love that place. And to end on a healthy note – WE FINALLY FOUND A GYM TO GO TO!!! We are going to Lifetime and I am so excited because it is massive and has the coolest pool for kids ever. So excited.

Bye xo


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