Whether playing sport or watching the professionals in action, the thrill of sport is exhilarating. The heat of competition and the excitement of winning is at the heart of every sports fanatic’s passion. But now sports fans can add another whole dimension to their experience. Online sports betting is increasingly becoming part of the sports entertainment landscape. And it is easy to see why. It encourages an even closer following of sports events and there is the small matter of a potentially lucrative win on offer.

The sheer number of online sports books out there today gives an idea of just how popular sports betting has become – www.onlinecasinos.ca gives an overview of some of the best options out there. However, whichever site you choose, you can be guaranteed a massive selection of sporting events to choose from. If you thought that you could only place an online bet on major match-ups such as the Superbowl or Grand Slam tennis tournaments, then you would be wrong. Usually, you have the option of betting on at least 25 different sports. So, whether it’s ice hockey in the Czech Republic or Australian Rules Football, (if you’ve never heard of it, learn more here –https://usafl.com/intro) you can usually find odds. And it’s not just for the big matches either. The top online sports books will provide the opportunity to place a wager on lower leagues and local teams too.

And once you’ve decided which sporting event you wish to bet on, the wealth of choice continues. Casinobonusonline.ca usually offers you tens of different betting markets on any single event. A typical basketball or football match could have as many as 80 or so separate markets on offer. Online sports betting is much more than just predicting the result and first or top scorer. There are a dizzying range of options on offer. In any football match for example, you can place a wager on the time of the first goal, how many corners and cards and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, a relatively new betting option has added another level to sports enjoyment. Once upon a time, betting on a sports event meant placing a wager before it begins. But ‘live betting’ allows you to place a bet as the match or race unfolds. The odds quite literally fluctuate before your eyes, allowing you to place your bet at the opportune moment. Especially with mobile betting now widely available, ‘live betting’ is bringing extra dimension to sports viewing.

Another popular innovation is accumulator betting. You aren’t just restricted to a single sports match-up when you place a wager online. You can also opt to bet on an accumulator. This means that you can place a single bet on the outcome of multiple events – For example, a whole round of fixtures in a particular league. The good news is that if all of your predictions actually materialise, you are in for a massive win. Although the man who recently won £823,000 on a £19 bet is somewhat extreme – http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/horse-racing/lucky-punter-wins-823000-19-10322296 It is also worth nothing that some online sports books will actually give you a smaller prize if you miss out by just a single result.

Another advantage of placing a bet online is the wealth of statistics and information you can find at pretty much any sportsbook. Usually, they contain a useful repository of information on teams, individuals and their recent form. It allows you to make an informed bet, rather than simply taking a chance. The ability to place an educated wager is just another reason why online sports betting has become so popular. That and the sheer range of betting options on offer, plus the prospect of a big win, have helped make it a key component of sports entertainment today.