On Memorial Day we invited some fun friends to come out boating with us! @thingstodoinhawaii hooked us up with a private boat tour which happened to be one of our favorite things we have done in Hawaii so far! We all got to snorkel, even the little kids and got to swim with wild dolphins!!! Now, I have been a dolphin lover since I was a teeny tiny girl. Always had dolphin stuffed animals and anything with a dolphin on it I had to collect. I have always called them my spirit animal and me and my junior high/high school bff actually connected because we both loved dolphins an insane amount haha. We just floated there in one place and they swam around us for about 30 minutes – it was soo so so so incredible! I love how happy and social dolphins are! All of our cheeks were hurting from smiling. I seriously cannot wait for you to see the footage we got – and our friend Raleigh who was on the boat got some amazing drone footage of the dolphins that is just soooo beautiful (go to his insta and watch the video he posted)! We are making a big Hawaii travel guide video with our friend Slade which will be out in a little. Anyways after all of my dolphin dreams came true, we swam with fish and turtles! Then did some swimming, ate lunch, jumped off the boat, kayaks, paddle boarded.. it was SO fun. We had 11 kids and 8 adults – party! After the boat we went to go to Boss Baby which I thought was pretty cute haha. Then we went to Waikiki and had the most special evening watching people write special messages to loved ones on lanterns and sending them out into the ocean! (don’t worry, there were nets and boats lining the water so they didn’t wander too far before being picked up by the boats. All were picked up.) but it really was SO magical and special. I am so glad we got to be a part of that.

I am in LA for the day for a little workshop I wanted to attend! We work with Chloé Digital and her team and I just think they are so inspiring and amazing so I love hearing what they have to say. My big take away from it was that when blogging you don’t have to do what someone else is doing. I think with blogging we all look around and think “well that works for her, I should do that” but we need to do what we personally are passionate about and what brings us joy. I am headed back and then we have a meeting about the home build! Maybe some of you who have built a house can relate but don’t you feel like each meeting the home gets bigger somehow? Ha! It is like oh shoot we need to broaden this staircase and in doing that we have to add X amount of square feet etc etc… and so many of those last minute things come up and without even looking I can see David stressin out haha. This is our first time ever so maybe this isn’t normal lol. Just when I think we are done with plans, we aren’t! Apparently this is just the longest process ever. Its chill. I want it to be 100% how I want it. I like our rental and I am not necessarily in a hurry except that we are trying to get pregnant (I am not) and I would like it to be done when the baby comes but I highly doubt it. I have bad luck with moving when my babies are newborns – we moved to NYC when Atticus was 3 months old and moved into a new apartment when Rosie was 1 month old! It is voluntary so I am not complaining but ya know, eek, you would think I would learn.

Anyways, hope you all have a good day! These pics made me happy when going through them and I am thankful for all the friends we have made around the world!!