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Father’s Day is coming up (and its the same day as A’s birthday!) so thought I would share some gift ideas as well as some memories! We are going to be really busy this weekend with family in town and birthday and father’s day so this is an early shout out to my baby daddy 🙂 Oh and all of these gifts are from stores that have fast shipping options or are probably at the mall! These are all things David loves or what I would get him.

So the other day in church someone read a quote about about a woman who said her husband gave her wings to fly and that is how I feel about David too. I feel like he lets me do me and supports whatever that is. If there was one word to describe David I would say it is supportive. He genuinely wants me to succeed and if I throw out a new idea – whether it is business related or a personal goal he is immediately encouraging me and will do whatever it is to help me achieve that goal. These are some of the many traits he has that make him such a great father too. I love to see him and the kids interact. I always look at him as super dad. Somehow he can do a full day’s work, come home, and in the time that I go to the gym he will have the house cleaned, dinner cooked, and kids asleep. My favorite memory was the first night in the hospital when Atticus was born and it was us three – we were all snuggling on the bed and it was just the best. Will never forget the day he became a dad and am so excited for many more memories to come.

Love you Davey! Happy early Father’s Day booo!

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