Have you been noticing how much yoga has infiltrated every part of our culture or have you just been desensitized to the saturation by now? (Rhetorical.) ABC is premiering a new comedy in the hopes that yoga’s trendiness hasn’t quite peaked just yet. On tonight, right after Modern Family’s season finale (so you know they’re banking on this one), Downward Dog will have its debut.

We know what you’re thinking…a new primetime comedy about yoga? Well, no. But, it IS about a dog! And the dog, Martin, a hipster pup (pupster?) with a dry sense of humor, narrates the whole thing from his perspective—the whole thing being his doggie life as well as his human’s ups and downs (dog).

We hear it’s the first network comedy screened at Sundance. And we hear it’s actually pretty decent. Will people watch becaues of the yoga reference? We admit, we’re curious enough. And, besides the dog, the show stars the talented Allison Tolman (Fargo) who plays the human, Nan, so there’s that.

The show was created by Samm Hodges and Michael Killen and started as a web series before being picked up for the medium screen. You can watch the series’ pilot episode tonight at 9:30pm on ABC (then it moves to a regular Tuesday 8pm time slot). It will also be online eventually, here.

The synopsis: “Martin battles loneliness and the need for Nan’s unconditional attention, while she struggles with a breakup and Martin’s recent bad behavior as he reacts to her newly busy work schedule.”

Dogs behaving badly. Humans behaving badly. It’s certainly relatable. And there’s yoga somewhere in there. Maybe.

Will you be watching?

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