This morning I got an email from a reader with the most awesome thing “Seen on My Run” ever. I love sharing the random funny stuff I’ve seen while running and I had to share this one. Katie sent me a picture of a squirrel with a taco shell. Taco Squirrel!! I love it. This made my day Katie!

That got me thinking about some of the random stuff I’ve seen while running. I think I usually laugh to myself and keep running so I don’t even remember most of the weird running moments but these area  few I do remember…

An empty box of Drumsticks with all the wrappers laying around it.

A guy with a turtle. (it looked like he just found it in the waterbed)

A stride of pride girl. (formally called walk of shame but it’s been rebranded)

seen on my run blog

Mini-Stonehenge. (someone keeps stacking rocks along the path.)

People I know and RER readers! (love when someone says hello or when I saw SkinnyRunner)

Stuffed animals. (that made me feel guilty about not picking them up)

seen on my run

An alligator.(when I was running in Florida)

Motivational phrases!  -> Smile!   Keep going!   Almost there!!

Shady motivational phrases… –> “GO STEVE! and his friend

God saying hello.

God seen on my run

The floor. (when I fall, it happens a lot actually)

A lady horseback riding. (along a suburban street in Orange County)

Toby. (the cat I befriended)

Chonies. (underwear)

A gallon of milk.

milk for running


Question: What is the funniest / most random / weird thing you’ve ever seen on a run?

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